Sunday, February 09, 2020

EQ = Emotional Intelligence & what happened to me at 40

Apply emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence or EQ is generally defined as 
the ability to understand and manage our own emotions. 

Also to understand the emotions of others. 
I started on the above road when I reached 40.

Now-a-days I call myself an Emotion Detective!

I am, always trying to clock my own emotions and 
those emanating from others.
Including trying to understand them.
Allow my brain to manage them, and behaviour, 
rather than allowing my emotions to be control. 

We need EQ to manage your own anger, 

both to understand and acknowledge your own feelings, 
but also to understand and empathise with others. 

That person who just cut you up in traffic 
may be hurrying to the hospital because a loved one is ill. 

The colleague who just insulted you may not have intended the comment as an insult. 
Or, he or she may be having a very bad day, and reacting badly as a result. 
Or maybe you're taking something personally that wasn't really directed at you.

The main things is to have 'Five-a-Day' actions to manage our emotions.