Wednesday, February 26, 2020

A little update re my Prostate Cancer diagnosis.

A little update re my Prostate Cancer diagnosis. 

Thank to all who have asked me for an update.
I appreciate all the love & prayers.

I have now moved to 3 x monthly Hormone injections
as the monthly injections have been deemed OK.

My date to see the Consultant Oncologist has been changed. 
It is now 3rd April 2020
This is when I will know the outcome from the treatments.
There is no cure I have been told but
the objective is to stop the cells multiplying.
I will continue to share with you the results.

Otherwise I am not feeling ill.
I have a small number of side-effect 
(from a long list from specialists).
* I am not sleeping well - different every night.
* My body over-heats sometimes during the night, 
not lasting all night.
It is called 'hot sweats' on the paperwork - but no sweat in it for me, JUST HEAT!

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