Saturday, February 01, 2020

Usually put down statements start with the word "you......"

I sometimes I get putdowns. 
I have had a lot in my life.
From older humans
from younger humans.

Sometimes deliberate.
Sometimes just poor communication skills.

It is normal to warm to humans
who are good to be with
who offer freely human warmth and affirmation.

I used to warm to these people - only.
Now I warm to those who are 
nasty, aggressive and/or put me down.

An obnoxious person is a hurting person.
They need love more than the former.

Fear of rejection sometimes rejects people first.
'I will do it before I get hurt'.
'You can't hurt me' syndrome.

Usually put down statements 
start with the word 
'You made me feel .....'
'You make me sick.....'

It is a finger pointing word like 
'should' and 'aught'
(I never use those two words - 
alternatives can be saught.)

Putting down, or being aggressive 
is usually accompanied by a pointed finger.
When we see a pointed finger
feel the feelings feeling in interior self.
wonder - what that person feels like inside.
feel it.
Empathy - even with the put-downer ..........

Also there are people who are warm to 
I yearn for them developmentally. 

I yearn that they can become warm with others 
of differing natures and personalities. 
It comes from within.
As with all communication.
From the heart.

To love the lovely is great. 
To love the unlovely* 
is a real challenge to all of us in our development.

I notice those I warm to, and others not as easy. 
So principles kick in.I am off. 


*so called