Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Blob Tree and a whole FAMILY of Blob Tools. School & everywhere developmentally

The Blob Tree 

and the thousand of other Blob communication tools are used all over the world.
The Blob Tree Tools came out of my work in East Side of London working with young people who could not or would not read but could read people and Blob Tools like others read books.. 
I led a large Teams of People Workers as we worked with young people in gangs, hostels, youth centres including lots of group work.

Now I work as a Trainer/Group Worker and freelance Facilitator and all things relating to social, emotional and spiritual development. 

These tools have been developed as I work with different kinds of beautiful humans week on week. 

There are Blob Tools with differing purposes because they are flexible for your use! All about helping people to open up and develop and grow ........ 
I use many of them in my work with humans who struggle with life.
I love Group Work and find that creating the right climate of trust and easing humans into self revelation is the most beautiful experience in development terms. 
These tools, and other tools in the range of books, are used in Facilitation and Training Staff who work with special needs humans in the Voluntary and Corporate Sector.

Publications available ::

1   *.......................... SEE the BEST place view Blobs .............*

2   Big Book of Blobs
'The Big Book of Blobs' has over 50 x A4 size 'Blob Tree' type tools.
You have permission to photocopy for your own use in a face to face context.
There are many beautiful and powerful new tools here with permission to photocopy for personal use.
It is NOW re-published in a upgraded format by a Specialist publisher. 


Having known the Blobs for many years, I was still surprised to read that they first made their appearance in the Blob Tree over twenty years ago. 
Classically used as an ice breaker in many group settings, the Blob Tree is a wonderful tool in both individual and group work. 
A delightfully creative way to encourage and promote discussion; the loveable Blobs engage children, young people and adults alike and before long meaningful discussions are taking place.