Wednesday, June 02, 2021

1985 the whole family moved into this 11 story tower block called Romford YMCA - to be my home & workplace.


I have many various feelings as I reflect.

I didn’t go to work on my first day.
I went to my Auntie Mary’s funeral.
My Mothers sister.

We had moved in a few days before.
I remember my Juke Box being loaded into the lift
unusual sight

to see it disappearing upwards to the second floor.

We moved into the staff flat on the second floor.
The block is, still is, eleven floors
accommodating 150 beautiful young humans.

We were MrsBeautiful
The Sheilas - Ann and Joy.
Ann still at school
Joy at the London College of Fashion.

We had moved a few miles east from Canning Town - London E16

Full of feelings - as I have now as I reflect.
I remember standing in our flat lounge.
Looking out over the roof of our big sports hall.
Looking left we could see greenery  - some open space.
Also we could see the narrow band of water called the River Rom.
It felt liberating
as we had lived in a concrete city for ten years.
I breathed deep.

There is a pile of reflections about this period of my life/our life

topped up with reflections of our journey into and with Romford YMCA.

This book was first published in those early days of Romford Y

It was a kaleidoscope of feelings in those early days.
Leaving Canning Town, leaving friends, an emotional and geographical shift.
A new job. A new book - my first book.
A sense of freedom - a new challenge - a stretch into developing new skills.
I breathe deeply now ………….