Saturday, July 02, 2005

MTV are pleased .......

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

..... it seems that the debut episode of Pimp My Ride UK
smashed all ratings expectations.
It was on MTV last Sunday at 10pm and if you have been clicking your keys this way you will know that Ann, one of the the Wilson Family has been a Director.

It was watched by a million viewers, which pleases all the MTV workers ....... and it is one of our home-grown shows. The best rating for Pimp My Ride in the USA was 1.05

This was the best ever rating for a UK production, performing 700% above slot average.

This made MTV the 3rd most watched channel last Sunday, beating BBC1, BBC2, Five and E4. More viewers were watching Pimp My Ride UK than were watching the climax of Sky One's flagship show 24.

This weeks was not Directed by Ann-she ....... but the week after, she says, is 'the best' ........ thought you would like to know ......