Friday, January 27, 2006

I just don't have the GUTS for it

..... here I am at the leaning towers of pip wilson dot com ........... and in recovery from the period of my guts taking over my life priorities ........ ........... until this afternoon I felt a lack of energy..... .... Now I seem to be pumping.

Tonight I have a farewell to go to. Mr Dave Thorn was the Chef Manager at Romford YMCA for a long time when I was there and raised up the ladder to be responsible for many things during his long years. He leaves tonight and it is my delight to wish him a fond farewell.

Tomorrow I have a Greenbelt Board of Directors/Trustees meeting all day. If you have never been to this magnetic/electric/soulshaking/comfortshaking/comforting/inspiring/mindbursting Festival! ........ it is most inspiring and does not give you stuff for head and heart - it makes those things available for the taking. Awaking.
It has a free spirit and - in some way - always begins a new year with a spring in the step for me ........ consider - note I never ask - never recommend .... just say I like it and :::::: consider?

Next week and the week after I have a couple of residential training gigs and in-between may be going to drink champagne in a place where you can buy like you can buy larger in a UK pub! The extra delight will be that the Sheilas will be with us ....... before they both fly to Miami grrrr .... I have only been to the States once and that was to kick the darkness into the Eve of year 2000.
May be going to drink Champagne ...... because it is not booked and the Sheilas an always change their minds .......

The BEEF ON THE BONE is back ... the new Rugby League Season starts. Me and Joan plan to be at The Saints first game in London town hey hey ........ consider?

That tripping over the doorstep of February takes me with my usual fumbling and stumbling into Valentines Day ...... hey - we have plans ............. not saying!

You are a beautiful human person

I have not felt beautiful over the last few days but, I believe I am - EVEN though I don't feel that.
Important principle.
Vital for life - I would say.
I am and always will be - beautiful
beautiful imperfection ...............