Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Greenbelt meeting last night ... ... .... ....

........ first meeting of the year and things will kick from now on ...... another Meeting of the Trustees this month and then we roll with passion all the way to www.greenbelt.org.uk

After pints in the pub next to the Greenbelt office - Big John came home to ours for a late night dose of Cointreau and cigars. This morning we worked on Mac things, shhhh he is a secret believer but needs to get a PC divorce first!
He played with my Macs in pretence that he was helping me.
(he really did help me to set up a back up system for my iMac - so damn simple that I can handle it - I hope!

He was then good enough to drop me off at the Eye Hospital before driving sat-nay to Geordie land - they all talk funny there!
( I am the only human on earth without an accent!)

All afternoon ............. I was in the hands of Nursing Humans who do a great job - and then came the Surgeons!
The Sister was the first to push my head back and insert a syringe with a long needle right up my tear ducts. The pressure was on. It hurt!
"Your a man" she said! - with some sarcastic humour.
Also some pressure down my ducts - it sprayed all over my documents some six feet away - and I was wet.

Then it was a consultation with the Eye Surgeon. The first thing he did was to repeat the syringe and needle investigation - with purpose. The left eye duct is clear as I could taste the fluid in my mouth.
The right eye is blocked. Blocked just before the little collecting sac, which collects the tears from both eyes, just behind the upper nose.

We had a good chat about life and humans in need. All this triggered by him asking about my work. I had just read the Guardian in the waiting room, and seen an article and a pic of a youngster, who I have worked, and loved, with over a period. He has been found guilty, with others, of killing a 74 year old woman.

Then he said - I needed an operation. It seems that they will drill a hole in my upper nose and insert a silicone tube in this newly created passage. Hmmm
All to help my tears flow ....... hmmm
It is called Dacryocystorhinostomy ......... must do a web search and find out the details!

By the time I had got home I was 'good for nothing' and could not relax.
Joan will tell me off, she is away taking Joyce, her Mother, to hospital.
The reason - for my food today, I have had two bowls of porridge - during the adverts of Celebrity Big Brother.

I think of the humans mentioned above -
I know so many or in pain and a drilling of the nose,
conducted by true professionals,
would be the least of their concerns ......

bBeautiful in your reality ......