Thursday, January 05, 2006

Been away ........ now back and tired and stimulated and glad I have got back-in action after the break ...... and it is great to be mixing with new humans and a few I have met before - and loved before.

Got lots of thoughts as a result of the stretch I have experienced and also what I created for the group of 30 + beautiful humans who all work with homeless humans.

They all have passion and energy.
All have issues in their jobs.
All have personal issues in life .......... just like me and you I guess.

I will need to reflect on all this - over the week-end because I have a long day tomorrow.
I need to reflect on all the contacts made - how I did in terms of my working with the group - what I learned - how to follow up all my thoughts ..... reflective practice .....

Home to a empty house - Joan has gone up north to Uncle Bills funeral.
Me and Zig are in Level Five communication ...... right now.

I come home and catch the start of 'Celebrity Big Brother' on tv.
I snort at Davina McColl and her style which I receive with distaste. She said tonight "If you are not a celebrity - you are a no-body"!
Stink - a no-body here clicking for you a no-body .............. can you accept that - I cannot and dislike it with depth - to a depth of vomit ....

And - did you see the sign on the wall in the Big Brother Gym?
It said - 'Second place is for losers' ......... get me out of here.

I will watch the programme because it is;
late night
I can do a few other things at the same time
The will be real humans showing their real self - eventually and I like to learn from people and interactions .....

I feel OK/mad/snorting/tired/buzzing/beautiful/slight buzzing around the head like my cap is too tight ....... and you ........ ?