Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Belfast Airport calling and some clicks from me as I wait a few hours for my aircraft.
I asked Mr Easy Jet if he could lay a special flight on for me but I didn't figure in his priorities.
He smiled.
I await.
Mixing with the poor again.
Poor sad-o me!!!

Thinking about life ...
I have never had a grade or an upgrade
Usually I get a downgrade - but after all
'He who was rich became poor .......... "
....... so I am stepping in the right footprints eh?

Have been leading a training day for some beautiful humans who do wondrous work in this culture/climate/environment. I could not do what they do but they have blessed me by asking me to facilitate their training and development over the next five months.
So -I facilitate in cultivating a climate of trust.
Helping to define reality.
And openness.
A level of sharing which exhilarates me and us all.
We learn together.
I loveitloveitloveit.

At the start of the training I shared something of the work I have led over the years and the experiences - hmmm the experiences. And how, on one hand, I could easily make it all sound so great ............... but I also shared how I have felt deeply as the scars have been made on my soul over the years and how I still feel them - YES - still do.
And how these have left me vulnerable.
And that I consider ::
vulnerability as a strength - not a weakness.

At the end of the training I asked all those present to share what they would take away. The single most useful tool or idea or thought or experience - the one thing they could cup in the palm of their hand and 'take away'.
About four or five of those humans present mentioned the word 'vulnerability'.
How sharing their authentic self - was an experience of growth ................

Discovering our vulnerability - and telling it to others - is a massive step.
A step towards self understanding and self acceptance - it is.
Being naked like this strange at first.
But not as tiring and painful as drawing the blinds, pulling down the shutter, peeping through the mask .. ... .........

I am still pumping - all because of these beautiful humans ......... but I leave you with a quote which kicks my darkness until it bleeds daylight ::

"We become fully conscious only
of what are able to express to someone else.

We may already have had a certain inner intuition about it,
but it must remain vague so long as it is unformulated"

Paul Tournier
from "The Meaning of Persons"