Wednesday, February 15, 2006

... it is one of those evenings when I feel tired and sapped ........
....... only stepped on the welcome mat at the Wilson Mansions at 9 pm ......
........ so not much of an evening.
I don't feel unhappy.
I don't feel low.
Just a bit drained - more than the normal 'end of the day'.

Regulars, if that is you - thanx, will know that I have a comitment to telling you who I am
- the focus of that must be 'feelings'.
If I don't tell you, and myself, how I feel - it is the mask job.
Not reality.
Activities of mine do not tell you how I feel as a human.
L5 is about the journey to openess
I am committed to 'Level five' communication.
So I want to do that here.


It is tired for me.
Drained - and the sleep deficit thing too.

I know I need to rest and also sleep. Usually I need to relax before I sleep.

I breath deep
Try it with me.
Slow deep inhale
Slow deep exhale
A few times before you scroll down
........... and you will feel
If you are doing this with me
You can feel your nostrils cooler as you breath in
Warmer as you breath out
New life being breathed in
Feeding the

Cool and fresh on intake
Warm as we expel the waste

..... and if you wish .....
say - say silently -
Breath on me breath of God
Fill me with life brand-new

........... I continue to breath the breath of life ........
........... and you? .........