Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Blob Tree

..... one new way, for me - even though the Blob Tree is 25 years old, to use the Blob Tree in a group, large or small, is to ::
1 ask all to ponder for few moments .....
2 then walk in one human mass and
3 stick up on the projected Blob Tree two post-it notes.
4 One colour of 'post it note' to describe how they felt at the start of the event - and
5 another colour post-it of how that feel now.

As the humans retreat to their seats we can see a 'feelings map' without an exchange of words - little threat - freedom to do/not - self reflection - journey inward to clock those feelings - ownership of feelings - motion ......

You may not have seen my blog before and my often quoted ::
"Motion Changes Emotion"

All can see the range of feelings ....... it is great for the individual and the whole .........
If it is a portable screen - the post-its begin to fall off to the floor - as do our feelings as the group moves on - hopefully not downwards!

I suppose it would be good to mention a few other ways I have used The Blob Tree ............ I know thousands of humans that use it in new different ways than me ....

...... Donna Summer to you ........