Saturday, February 18, 2006

Met Ian today in the New Piccadilly Restaurant in London Town ........ to talk about all things blobs.
Wonder - full
Level Five

Last night my team won and piled on the points to ensure we are remain on top of the Super League.
I relax with a good movie and watching my game.
Tonight I could not relax with the game.
I picked up my pad and doodled ::

My mind is so stimulated I am thinking more about
my new pen
Blog potentials
the book I want to read about training
music I want to listen to
my diary
To do's
....... and then I wrote
'I will relax'

I bought 'Pride and Prejudice' on DVD for Joan and it plopped on the mat today all the way from play dot com. After a meal and the rugby we watched it. It is about Pride and it is about Prejudice.

I am a man with pride coming at me and.........and yet - I guess I am not aware of any pride.
If you don't mind me saying - you too.
Same with prejudice ......... we have it and are not aware of all we have to learn - and become aware about.
There is so much to become sensitive about ......... we are so unaware.
Three areas ......... it seems to me .........

Awareness - this must be about being in touch with reality - the here and the now. This must include recognising our sensations and feelings in response to what is happening around us.
THEN - from this base ::
Spontaneity - the ability to chose from options when it comes to behaviour. Being free to chose.
Intimacy - which is about open, level five,trusting interaction with other humans. A place where we can share our true and honest feelings with another.

Pause :: I always want to listen to music - I yearn .............. music always comes in to my thought process ....... hmmm

Church in the morning.
I will be still
I will drink from the well
I will get in touch with my soul
I will become ..............