Tuesday, July 04, 2006

SUN-BLESSED BALCONY ........ it is day one ....... forgetting the travel day of nine hours ....... we are on the balcony........... freshly made coffee with milk - bananas and yoghurt ...... that is a beautiful start to the day.

Pipgrims Progress ........ along this Road Less Travelled
- Holiday Edition.

I am still.
Doing nothing.
Just space, sun, two cigars and washed my underpants.
Don't want to move as yet. That easy 'do anything' mood is upon us.

Later ::
Now ..................... listening to Late Junction on d pod.
Peppermint tea.
Clicking to post in a cyber-cafe somewhere.

Before ..............
Read two Sunday newspapers, The Economist and started reading Proverbs.
"He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty".
All about wisdom and culture.
Both of them one generation deep.
We are not born with wisdom or culture.
Both learned.
The reading of it interacts with life.
My life here.
My life in other places
- with other humans
- you
- our lives intertwine and I am glad they do.

My mind never stops thinking
the Sheilas
Humans I will be working for on return home.
Rehearsing positive conversations with humans who need positivity in life and relationships.
Don't feel heavy - just good and free ............

Pipgrims Progress
........ the Road Less Travelled
Greek Leg. Day two.

Had a great meal out last night with my beloved.
Then strolled the prom until gone midnight. Families still around eating icecream. Nothing like home here.
Evening meals start at 9 and continue till late. Warm weather culture.

Five words - it is good for me to connect with the real world - the interior world.

I am clicking this early morning.
Just up.
Body up.
Mind following slowly.
Hot sticky night.
Pillow sheets and neck sweaty.
Mouth dry.
Air-con dries the mouth.
8 here - 6 UK time.

Some clouds around and the sun is forcing it's way through as it climbs the mountain in view. Peaceful - seems only the birds and me have made it this morning. Soon it will be fresh coffee and bananas and yogurt for breakfast on the balcony. Eating late leaves us not ready to eat until a light lunch.

Joan is on her second book since leaving home, (wonder how our beautiful non-human house mate is going on? Zig is such a close ......... not a friend but so much part of the family.
Hope Rory, next door cat feeder, has managed to record Gilles Peterson for me on my listen again/Audio hijack system. I can record any time in the listen again period. He will just do three. Priority not to miss are :: GP, above, BenjiB and One World.) ........ I have not started reading a book yet - still reading magazines. Two more to go; Rugby League World and the last weeks copy of The Week.

This holiday is already good and relaxing. I am also expecting adventure in exploring the daily me. The road less travelling into my interior. This slower pace and lack of normal clutter, will give space to do and become .............. and the birds sing on ........... a dog barks and the locals start their daily moves and grooves. Bye - off to make the coffee hmmm ............

And I find an Internet Cafe ......... four previous attempts found none online. Hmmmm pubs with no beer!

I post this to you ............. more than words ..............