Friday, July 28, 2006

..... am away at the mo ......... I always pump and love the buzz of being in training context with humans.

Sometimes it is hard ground. Not fertile soil.
Ploughing needed
Seeds sowed
to set up a climate of trust.

Help humans to feel secure

so the will be willing
to become

by stepping out of their comfort zones
so able to take steps in their own development.

I need to do that too, me too, in this context
step into new areas of stretch as a trainer
the tools I use/try

always 'motion changes emotion'

always maximum participation

I entered new areas with new tools
for the job
felt tough at first
then a light entered the dynamics of the group
and we all twisted the throttle.

This group are all staff members of a Finance Department

A Charity
Director and seven staff

A team managing a 5 million turnover

loadsa staff to pay
regulations to keep.
I know nothing about their skills and tasks

my job is to facilitate their journey

starting with
the reality now
and then moving them
to consider
their areas, within their jobs,
which can be stretched
for their satisfaction
and others
and the systems

team work



So that is where I am at ..........that is something about my activities

I believe you are interested
also in
interior matters.

To move ahead we need to consider our interior life.

Like and iceberg
we have lots on show - on the surface
Under the surface
more and bigger.
The issues in our life are bigger and more complex below the surface.
Behaviour is seen and heard - on the surface stuff.

Verbal and non-verbal is seen and heard - good or not-so-good.

Beneath the surface
is a mass of feelings and 'luggage'
which influences behaviour

in fact, it feeds the monster called behaviour - unless
the feelings are worked at.

A life journey

Feelings - I feel good feel the two days went well.
great humans
great feelings expressed at the end - and all the way through.
Objectives met - freely expressed by numbers of of humans.

A clearer crisper future.

Beautiful ...........