Monday, July 10, 2006

This week. . . . .

by the pool
orange trees
lemon trees
plumb trees
a good book
good food
couple calls from the sheilas
.......... life is so busy!

We can eat out here at half the price we would pay at Romford or Central London.
They are the best of Tavernas - others come much less. Beautiful home Greek cooking with house red .... .... ... ... love it.
We eat out all the time - that is one of the good things about Greece.

This week I have changed my profession
I have now been
A US Secret Service Agent
A Ex Cop from the Army
and most recently a Swedish Police Chief Detective.
The next book is about to happen.
I will venture further away from reality
and I like it.
I always think I will read fiction when I get home
but I can never do that
reality grips
other things to do.

I am now sat on the balcony with Joan
Another lemon drops from the tree
must take a couple home
Have been at the pool all morning and half afternoon.
Lunch pool-side
now balcony drinks
Coffee for Joan
Peppermint tea for me.
I plan to walk to the internet dive (shop) before we get ready for another evening out.

At least the world cup is over
won't have to sit in the front row of the bar after dinner
TV big screens in every waterfront bar
(Mataxa 5, for her, Cointreau for me)
as Joan mumbles meaningfully about all the players she knows
it is all a blur to me.

Will post a few more pip-pix for you
feel the vibes ..............