Monday, July 31, 2006

... and we think we have problems .....

Y Care International
crisis in Lebanon

31 July 2006

In the midst of a humanitarian crisis in Lebanon brought on by Israeli military strikes, Y Care International has pledged financial support to its partner, the YMCA of Lebanon, as it works to provide medical care, basic supplies and food to affected communities.

The YMCA is working through its network of medical clinics and dispensaries to give essential medical help, food and basic supplies to those in need.

While we recognise the importance of a multilateral, co-ordinated aid effort, Y Care International is calling on international donors not to overlook local NGOs, like the YMCA, which are in an ideal position to provide timely relief to the affected population.

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Our long-term civic empowerment work in Lebanon now at risk.

The attacks on Lebanon have also devastated one of Y Care International's long-term projects in the country, unravelling crucial work with disadvantaged young people to rebuild civil society after the civil war.

Since 2004 our civic empowerment project has worked to empower disadvantaged and marginalised rural young people and train them to actively participate in public life. YMCA project staff simply cannot contact the young people they were working with, most of whom are now displaced, and all staff are now working to provide relief to those in need.

However, Y Care International remains committed to working with its partner YMCA to engage young people in the renewed process of rebuilding that will take place after the conflict.
Y Care International
is the international relief
and development agency of the YMCA in the UK and Ireland.
Y Care International
works in partnership with young people worldwide
through the YMCA movement
to help them enrich their lives
and to build a more just world, free from poverty.
Charity no: 1109789
I believe and support this authentic - active on the ground group of humans ......... if you are considering giving to help out there ....... please consider Y Care .......