Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I am sitting on the bed with my laptop.
Usual pressure -full day.
Getting up.
Fresh coffee, banana, yoghurt and honey on the balcony.
Pool-side with Gilles Peterson, a book - otherwise it is Pip Wilson Un-plugged.

Music-wise, it has been a Gilles Peterson day today.
I have had a Pete Tong Day, Hip-hop day, Late Junction, and Madame Butterfly day.
Gilles is always my favourite. Love is voice, style, interview style and the range of his spins.
Listened back to back, his two hours x 2 of his programmes from Brazil.
Heard them 3 or 4 times before.
Not back to back.
Love being introduced to the culture from which the music form comes from.
Bosa-Nova = Attitude-New. I didn't know that. Just means a new form of groove. Love it.
Returned to the apartment and fell asleep for an hour. Still plugged in to Gilles. Loved it.

Read a great article in Saturdays Guardian - get it two days late here.
It was by Karen Armstrong - all about fundamentalism. Very much about all forms.
The Muslim
The Christian
She spoke at Greenbelt last year and loved the stuff she opened me up to.
Seems to me - she is the top of her field and governments need to listen to her.
Get it - must be online somewhere.

Note to self ::
Must order the new Bugz in the Attic Album.
The new Amp Fiddler .
The Art of Looking Sideways (book).

Last night during the meal out, Joan and me always have great chats. We do at home. Level 5 stuff.
We opened up a subject relating to parent/child. Grown-up Parents and children.
It moved to my own brothers and me. I have tree older brothers and I never keep in contact with them - or they me. I have visited one of my brothers a few times over the years. Send birthday cards to another (Joan driven) and have no contact with my other brother other than a Christmas card.
Joan posed the question :: Why am I like this?
With all my keeping contact with a whole range of humans, I don't think I am good at this really. why do I neglect proactive contact with Brother Wilsons?
I have never even considered the question before. So I will have to reflect on this and you will see the first draft.

I have never tried my 'night' feature on my camera. Tried it last night.
If it works - will be able to see some great pics of our midnight after dinner walk Monday night.

"Ponder the path of your feet".

That is a little verse that I have been pausing on over the last few days.
Have a pause
A think
A reflect
A dig deeper
A ponder

...... and see what it scratches in your soul ........