Sunday, July 11, 2010

Greenbelt Festival / Blog / Announcing: Zic Zazou at Greenbelt 2010

Announcing: Zic Zazou at Greenbelt 2010

Every year, Greenbelt tries its hardest to have a Performing Arts spectacle – think of Bassline Circus from 2008, or Ockham's Razor from 2009…

Well, the 2010 festival is no exception and so we're excited to announce a show combining music and performance, clowning and comedy, in the idiosyncratic package of Zic Zazou.

Winners of a Herald Angel award at the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Zic Zazou's show "Brocante Sonore" has taken audiences on both sides of the Channel to a miraculous and melodious world, presided over by artistic director (and balloon maestro) Jean-François Hoël.

Yes, I said "balloon maestro".

For in their show, Zic Zazou – in trademark blue factory overalls – take a range of ordinary objects and make extraordinary music with them – thwacking pipes with ping-pong bats, teasing notes from garden hoses – it's funky, fun, and shamelessly French.

Sometimes comedic, sometimes wistful, their sound embraces Brazilian drumming, jazz, blues and folk, with a tinge of socialist leanings. (One Edinburgh Fringe reviewer referred to them as "blue-collar socialist folk songwriters of the industrial age"!)

Their performance at Greenbelt should not be missed – and who knows, perhaps you might be inspired to raid your shed and start your own band!

"Extraordinary, exhilarating, exhaustive: a frenzy of free- wheeling invention… Five Stars" – Three Weeks

"Good for the heart and soul and the whole family… Five Stars" – The British Theatre Guide

"Zic Zazou create something that’s magic, fun and genuinely surprising… Five Stars" – The Herald