Friday, July 09, 2010

Had to take Zig to the Vet this week.
He must have been attacked on Sunday.
The Vet found several cut and he must have been bruised.
He was injected with pain killers
and some antibiotics.
He has seemed much better since
bu a little more cautious about going out.

Lots to tell you.
Haven't go the capacity to click much.

In the summer of 1980 I was visited by a volunteer work-party
in the project I worked at in East London.
They stayed for a week.

The asked this battered inner city youth worker
to do a session for them.
I did -
It was experiential.
Encouraging them to be L5/open/real/touch their deeper side.

We met up for a reunion a couple of months later.
30 years later we are still meeting up.
Sometimes for a meal out.
Sometimes a BBQ.
But especially a week-end to do the Level Five stuff.
(If you don't know what that is
come to a session at Greenbelt this year or
search my blog and you will see I mention it often.
It is a communication tool - about mask-less communication).

The L5 group is meeting tomorrow and all week-end
for our 30th Anniversary.
About 14 adults and dozens of kids.

Every one of the adults seem much older now
other than myself - I can't understand this!

I will blog about it next week.
I may be offline as we are staying in a remote
ex coach-house in Derbyshire.
Hey hey!