Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Joy Sheila is still in Mexico.
We all miss her.
She misses us especially Conniepops.

Pea and Lyn are coming to Wilson Mansions
for the first time today.
A three day Royal Visit.
Get out the best coffee mugs
Prepare for bad jokes
and beautiful late night conversations.

Pip and Pea - we used to be a comedy duo.
We could have made it.
But I don't know where to!

My music player has disapeared from my Blog for some reason.
If you have looked at pipwilson.com
you will see there is a website change
the first time since 2003.
This is a mashup of my own
with help as always by Big John.
It is imperfect but better than the other
which had not changed for five years or more.
I can do it myself from now, I hope?
It is done with iWeb the mac system for idiots
too complicated for me!!

Greenbelt is coming and I have tried to splash
these pages with some of the excitement.
I want you to be there.
Experience something of wonder
Experience Festival
Experience deep
Experience freefall heaven
Experience peppermint tea with me.

I feel nervy because my new book is out.
Not got a copy myself yet.
It is the first book for fifteen years, or so,
which is not a Games/Blob Tree type book.
I reveal my nakedness in the Pip Wisdom book.
I feel and believe it will be positive for many.
Others will be quiet and have a bad taste about it.
Not of design but - I feel some are uncomfortable with my style.
My Imferfection!

I am keen to make it known so humans may have the chance to read.
If you have any networks to make it known in - please consider.

One section of the book,
even on the last read through,
left me in deep sobs.
I fill up easily now
as I recal ................

I hope you are growing.
If we don't change
we stagnate
= pain

May we become beautiful in pain .............