Friday, August 13, 2010

....... BBC iPlayer/Radio4/Lord David Cobbold/Desert Island Discs
He is the Lord of Knebworth which has been a Rock Venue for many years.

I knew his Mother Lady Cobbold. We were on a National Committee together back in the 70's. She liked me!

When Greenbelt was at Knebworth I interviewed her in front of hundreds of noisy and rowdy teenagers and asked her cheeky questions - because I could.
The same year, I think? - my first book was launched at Greenbelt festival and the American pop-star Denese Williams was one of the Greenbelt show stoppers - I interviewed her as well ........ what was that number one single she had????

Lady Cobbold lived, as he does now, in the most mammoth house/Mansion/Estate.
The BBC programme is very much about the music as much as him