Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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I just wanted to let you know - in case you haven't already discovered - that there are two ways that you can get a sneak peak of the full Greenbelt programme before you arrive on site:

1. You can download a pdf of the Daily Diary from the Greenbelt website here:

2. If you have an iPhone, you can purchase the official Greenbelt application:
  • The Hub, Church Times and G-Store going up

    Video 23/08/2010

  • Greenbelt Festival
  • "The future of Christianity in a plural world involves living out a fresh, hopeful way for humanity, rooted in critical faith and action for justice and peace," says Ekklesia co-director Simon Barrow. "It is not about clinging to privilege, preaching at people from on high and becoming caught up with inward-looking arguments."

    Greenbelt 2010, backed by global development agency Christian Aid and a range of other organisations, is expected to attract some 21,000 people from 27-30 August at Cheltenham Racecourse.

  • The Line-up for Greenbelt 2010 is bold, innovative, daring and exciting. Talks features new faces to Greenbelt alongside established favourites; the Literature programme encompasses poetry, journalism, printed word and new media; Visual Arts work includes installation, participation and craft; and Comedy features puns, wit, satire and whimsy.

    With plenty still to be announced across the wider programme (including - of course - a strong programme of Music, from Mainstage headliners to Performance Cafe troubadours), there's something for all ages, all backgrounds; those who want to be challenged and those who just want to be entertained; those with a faith and those with none. It's Greenbelt 2010: The Art of Looking Sideways, and it's going to be brilliant.

Weather for this week in Cheltenham

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Lat : 51.9N Lon : 2.1W ASL : 81m Rise : 6:07 BST Set : 20:12 BST

Wed 25 AugMorning15 °c15 °c11014 mb0.3 mm100 %4 mph
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Afternoon15 °c12 °c11012 mb2.6 mm100 %5 mph

Evening11 °c9 °c01007 mb15.2 mm100 %8 mph

Thu 26 AugMorning12 °c10 °c01006 mb1.3 mm98 %9 mph
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Afternoon13 °c12 °c01008 mb2.8 mm99 %10 mph

Evening11 °c9 °c01009 mb0.7 mm94 %7 mph

Fri 27 AugMorning13 °c12 °c11011 mb0.4 mm99 %7 mph
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Afternoon17 °c17 °c31013 mb0.7 mm91 %4 mph

Evening10 °c9 °c01017 mb0.0 mm33 %5 mph

Sat 28 AugMorning14 °c13 °c21021 mb0.0 mm0 %5 mph
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Afternoon18 °c18 °c61020 mb0.2 mm20 %6 mph

Evening8 °c7 °c01021 mb0.0 mm18 %4 mph

Sun 29 AugMorning14 °c13 °c21019 mb0.1 mm87 %9 mph
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Afternoon17 °c17 °c41018 mb0.4 mm58 %11 mph

Evening7 °c5 °c01021 mb0.0 mm2 %7 mph

Mon 30 AugMorning12 °c11 °c21024 mb0.0 mm7 %7 mph
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Afternoon16 °c16 °c71024 mb0.0 mm3 %5 mph

Evening6 °c5 °c01026 mb0.0 mm49 %4 mph

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Weather for Cheltenham

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