Friday, August 13, 2010

If you like DUBSTEP
If you like Cinematic Orchestra
Submotion Orchestra

Sorry I have been out of touch
eMail/logjam again
Slow on the Blog too!

have you noticed the new Webpage?
It is pretty scrappy an I can't get one page to work at all
and AND
it is the page which is designed to let humans know who I am and HIRE ME!!

Massive loss on the BLOG is my Music Player - beyond my control/ but it will return to your ears asap

Joy is still in Mexico/some pix here

We have had visitors for three days
Our friends who were also our best man and Bridesmaid at our wedding
See the Pic at the Wedding and of them NOW !!
Pea and Lyn .............. we love them to bits and they let me stay up north with them
if I am good/never happens!
Pipturesques here too

I am trying to let people know about my new book so they can chose to get
online/or not
Have not a clue how to do it but stumbling with
Facebook/Twitter/eMails/National and International eNewsletter
If you have any ideas - please let me know
ONE great way would be for you to send details to all your contact
ALSO complete a review of it on HERE -
and this is the only place to purchase too!!

I'm off to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz