Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I prepare for ages
before running/leading an open group work session.
Regulars will have picked up some of the prep
and process which I strive for.

I need to be tuned to the context.
What the vibe and the attendance will be ..
.... and that's a laugh when you work with those
who have special needs - a range of!......
Where are they at, and what is the next step
which I can encourage and facilitate them to explore?

I usually have a hand built handout
which feeds individual souls.
That paper tool needs designing.
Then, how to process it through to a positive end.
I think about that and make notes to myself.
Thinking of every angle and every possible scenario.

Feelings ...........right now ........ I have them.
Sometimes erupting from every pore.
Sometimes the feelings are under the surface
and needing a pin to pick them out, .........
like ..........
Like a pin I used to use on a pomegranate
when I was a kid.

Every little module needs to be dug out
and examined before eating or