Wednesday, November 16, 2011

St Helens Rugby - Langtree Park Stadium - Image 1

as real as Lancashire HOTPOT and my ACCENT.
It is where my roots are/my culture formed/friends made
Come on the Saints !

It’s been a decade-long road for Saints’ chairman Eamonn McManus to make the stadium become a reality.

And he believes the naming of the stadium, after its developers Langtree who submitted the winning bid, is befitting.

McManus told the ECHO: “It’s a mix of relief and pride, but more the latter.

“This is another landmark towards the completion of the stadium and it’s opening early next year when the new season starts.

“It’s a big day.

“The name of the stadium is important. It’s something you want the fans to connect with.

“So I’m more than happy Langtree won the tender for the naming rights and we got what we think are very good commercial terms.

“Obviously we know them extremely well having worked on this with them for ten years.

“And importantly, I really like the name!

“It’s not like your selling your soul to the corporate world.

“Just as our previous home for a century was named after its location, Knowsley Road, this is named after its location, Langtree Park.

“For any rugby league officionado it has the ring of the famous Lang Park, the iconic stadium of the Brisbane Broncos for so long.

“It’s got a nice sound; it’s got style and grace.”