Thursday, November 17, 2011

The nearest
you will get me
to a Football Ground
is when I visited the Midlands -
Burton Albion.

Great place/facilities
if you want a great do.
My session venue,
the Directors Box indeed,
overlooked the ground and a good place to have session all about Gangs - with some beautiful humans who knew a bit about the subject .. from their own life experiences ....

I know so many BHPs in this area.
Staff who do significant work
and the young humans
who I love so much.

Some of them I have worked with
over the years. Only sessional stuff - not the daily grind which some great staff do, day-in-day-out - and I always loved to do/be/become.

Just read the faces.
Just look and pause .....
take a read.
Better than any book.
Life, real life it etched here, is learned here.

I was educated by them.
This week and every time we met.

I feel so close to home
even with the 7 hours drive there and back.

Congratulations to all who won awards.
Many others who have taken a step
like the chrysalis becoming a butterfly
into the unknown places as they step
into a new development in their lives

I love them
Love them

Thank you for accepting me.