Friday, November 25, 2011

I like your words
that means I like you
I even love humans who
warm words

yours def warm

J**** wrote:

> how can you continue to do the thing that makes your heart beat so strongly, the thing you love – how can you continue to keep in such careful step with people who you want to lead on, out and into themselves just a wee bit more – what is it that stops you thinking it might be possible to carry on with that
I do have feelings about
one day I won't be able
to go out to others so much

when I drive away to
a gig
or humans
my soul is different
than when I drive home

I love driving/getting home
but going away
drives me into purpose

I don't know how I would manage
without the stimulus of humans
they drive my development
scratch beneath the surface
refresh my irritation.

One day I will have to slow
and .........
> do you think that you have reached a stage in your life where the energy to keep on going with all that you love is not as full as it was
I don't have the same energy now
the passion - yes
but I am getting older
> i feel like you are waiting for something to become clearer to you that is not so clear right now
I am always like that
> how is it that you think we come to know what God would have us do ?
My faith and living of it has changed so much
not being a leader of a community
released me
yet I loved the corporate activities
of faith/walking/working/beyond self

I just feel God wants us all to Love
Discovering more of that LOve
is a journey
how to do it
live it
> are there words you hear ?
no words
soul stirrings
windows opening
as I
music .......
> do you think it is possible simply to know, but not hear, to know and to choose for ourselves – to be trusted with that ?
I like that - I love that
> how i wish you were here – we would be travelling on this noisy train right now – but we would be quiet together because we would be happy to know each other without speaking, without words
I like that J****
Teach me something J****?