Saturday, November 19, 2011

Late night Wilson Mansions
it is Friday Children in Need.

I have been indoors
so me and Mrs Beautiful
have had the TV programme
playing CIN.
great stuff
children shown in great need.
WE don't know half of it
the needs the
work to help.

AND just about to go to bed
I collide with feelings
about individuals
and surviving humans.

Also as always
others who are stepping -
stepping onwards through
and beyond hurts.

tell me I am flaked.
busy life
not the same energy as a
young gun wilson.

I have a Level Five week-end
When I go to a gig
I have spent hours/days
in preparation
so I am tuned in.

I am not tuned for L5
I am committed
but don't have to prepare.
I go and be me
it is a privilege to
to belong.
It will be blessed

Rugby League Final
and I will miss it.
England v Australia
(not that the National Press have noticed)
I will be L5ing and will catch the record.

So I am feeling
but need to go to zzzzzzz

So much to do
(inbox is never finished)
and so much to tell you
(but my fingers don't click good)

Stay Beautiful


Greenbelt Festival wins Greener Festival Award


Following this year’s 20,00 strong event and much hard work, we're pleased to announce that Greenbelt has received the Greener Festival Award.

Following the awards ceremony, which took place in Camden on Tuesday 15 November 2011, Head of Festival Karen Stafford said: “We’re delighted to have received our first Greener Festival Award. It is the result of much hard work and an important recognition of our commitment to sustainability. We hope to build on this, together with our festivalgoers, at next year’s festival and beyond!”

Newly appointed Director Paul Northup said: “At the heart of Greenbelt festival is a desire to make the planet we share a better place. We mainly aspire to that through hosting art that inspires people to feel more fully human and to want to make a difference in their everyday lives. And our festival theme for 2012 is 'Saving Paradise'. But we constantly recognise the need to ‘practice what we preach’ – and this award demonstrates that we do just that.”

The awards are made by environmental campaign and advice group A Greener Festival based on an event's carbon footprint, its traffic plans and its waste and recycling management schemes