Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Greenbelt Festival OFFSHOOT festival in Bethlehem called BET LAHEM LIVE.

GEORGE LUKE BHP delivering a  
mini-documentary audio podcast about the inaugural Bet Lahem Live festival, which took place in Bethlehem in June. Feautring Sami Awad, Garth Hewitt, Martyn Joseph, Beth Rowley and Stu G.

Beth Rowley in the desert

Bet Lahem Live podcast

Back in the summer, we were privileged to take a small group of artists out to Israel-Palestine to perform at the inaugural Bet Lahem Live Festival in Bethlehem. (You can read a bit more about the way the festival was born in our blog here.)
Greenbelt volunteer, DJ, writer and broadcaster George Luke went along on the trip and he made this podcast to give you a flavour of how it all worked. Our thanks go to George. And to the artists who went – who are featured in the recording.
(The photo is of Beth Rowley. It is taken in the desert to the east of Bethlehem. our thanks to Harvey Jessop.)