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PAIN needs to be understood


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Dr. Paul Brand
BornJuly 17, 1914
DiedJuly 3, 2003 (aged 88)

Home townKolli Hills, India

Dr. Paul Wilson Brand (July 171914 - July 82003)
was a pioneer in developing tendon transfer techniques for use in the hands of those with leprosy.
He was the first physician to appreciate that leprosy did not just cause the rotting away of tissues, but that it was the loss of the sensation of pain which made sufferers susceptible to injury.
Brand contributed extensively to the fields of hand surgery and hand therapy through his publications and lectures, and wrote popular autobiographical books about his childhood, his parents' missionary work, and his philosophy about the valuable properties of pain
One of his best known books is:
Pain: The Gift Nobody Wants (1993).
Paul Brand and Philip Yancey (1993). 
Pain: The Gift Nobody Wants. Zondervan. ISBN 0-310-22144-7.