Saturday, October 12, 2013

Love knowing it will be heart wrenching ............

What can I say?

I have so much!

I am called in to work with a group
needy - challenging behaviour.
And I love it.
Knowing it will be heart wrenching
knowing it will be hard work
knowing it takes time
knowing that I need to earn respect
knowing it is not given freely
knowing I don't deserve it
knowing that I feel deeply about these young humans
knowing that they are insecure
knowing that I don't blame them
knowing that a relationship needs to build
knowing that they will eventually trust
knowing that they will take away something special
knowing that next time we will be closer to touching finger prints
knowing that this is the long haul
knowing that I will be stretched to limit
knowing that only they can burst the bubble they are in
knowing that the need to see a different option than they are in
knowing that there are limited options
knowing that there is other roads for them to choose
knowing that they see through a glass darkly
knowing that I need vision over visibility.

That just leaked out of the soul.
I cannot tell you the details.
But it is about entering the unknown.
About stretching everything to touch them.
So that they can reach themselves.
And a heavy burden can be lifted.
I believe it can happen.
Have seen it so many times.
Unconditional love works.
Love is the answer.

We can use techniques, skills, tools.
We can have the theories of 
Emotional Deprivation.
Emotional Intelligence.
Emotional Literacy.
Group dynamics.
But a love that will not let me go .......