Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pip Wilson reflective update.

"Once you are Real 
you can't be ugly, 
except to people 
who don't understand.” 

I feel like
I need to reflect
on these e pages.

I don't know at all what to click
but I know the challenge 
of a clean screen
will be good for my soul.

I feel ..............
If - I don't know what to click
this is my default - 
to dig into my feelings.

I have feelings
we have feelings
about many things
Some are near the surface
sometimes public.
Others are below
hidden ....
... we are hiding
or they are not as vital
and as near to the surface
as others.

I feel for at the moment .........
Jan who has motor neurone disease.
It is a long story
me and her.
And Ken her heroic man
and full time carer.
But she has been struggling for so long
and you will know that MND is a 
neurological disorder that selectively affect motor neurons, 
the cells that control muscle activity including 
speaking, walking, swallowing, and general movement of the body. 
They are progressive in nature, 
and cause increasingly debilitating disability and, 
eventually, death.

Every night my head hits the pillow
I pray for Jan, Ken and family.
(+Bobby Jordan Linda and a stream which follows....)

My Canning Town friends will remember Jan from
her robust Youth Work days.
I have so any stories ...........

I carry people in 
my chest
my soul.
I want to
I want to feel with them.
'them' are unknown to me.
They are seen in passing
or in the media
or others I only know via others.

I am also giving some attention to myself.
For the first time in my life
I am trying to reduce what I do.
Trying to be strategic with relaxation
and exercise.
I have blogged here about it before
and, if you want to know more,
you can search the inner me here on my blog.

I am not ill or sick but
I will be if I don't do things differently like exercise
and days off!

I feel with Greenbelt Festival
who I love
(Can we love a whole festival?)
It's the people I love.
The ones I know
the ones I don't who make up this special community.
AND I am due to leave as a Trustee/Board Member
in March 2014 I think.
I have been active and becoming
as a BHP human Trustee with Greenbelt since 1986.

Time to go but as with any group/community I belong to
it hurts to separate. But I believe it is right
not just constitutional.
I hope I have not stayed too long!

I was Vice Chair for 15 years, chair of this and that
and involved in creating a Youth Programme back in the day.
My international friends will know of the
Rolling Magazine which was kicked off at Greenbelt
before the 'Show' was regularly showcased around Europe.

I love doing what I do.
121's with BHP's. I just love these close experiences
and believe I can be a good friend/supervisor/professional supporter.
Facilitating experiences where humans can reflect and learn from each other.
These things with young humans and workers ALWAYS depending on their needs
but always about the growth and development of people - wholistically.
I love this stuff.
It feeds my soul too.
Passion is not in short supply.
BUt - re health, I must spend more time chilling
after my ever exciting experiences!

Lot's more feelings.
But have to go ...........