Tuesday, September 01, 2015

My reflections having missed Greenbelt after 37 years non-stop

I have SO missed the Greenbelt Festival this week-end.

I have been every year for 37 years.
(28 years on the Board of Management until last year)
and a volunteer for 35 years.

I have given lots of me to Greenbelt
I have received so much from the festival, 
the beautiful humans and 
learned so much from the whole experience x multiple x multiple.

It has been a big decision not to go. 
Many reasons
but the overriding one is not having the energy
to last for a full day/4 days (usually it was 6 days) on my feet.
It is sad to say that.
I feel at the end of an era - and regret it.

I had been considering a one day visit but but have decided not to with lots of regret.
Last year was hard going being on my feet all day and I was only satisfied when I was leading something -
all back to my Mission  .….
…… when I am fulfilling my mission 
I pump the adrenaline and seem to be able to do anything
but in shorter spells.

So that’s my main reason - just not having the energy - even though I love the Festival.

It has been a strange bank holiday week-end.
I have been at Greenbelt in spirit.
Following Tweets and Facebook posts - 
whilst still promoting the festival to encourage more to experience it.

Some great photos from the festival here.

Great feedback from so many even with the rain
which was considerable after 2 days of sunshine.
So many festivals are closing - it’s a risky business.
Weather always a factor in terms of satisfaction
and returning Festival goers.

I hope Greenbelt can settle and return to bursting attendance and creativity.
Like me and you - it is beautiful imperfection.
Much filled with the beautiful - much struggle to deliver all that it can become.
Like me 
Like you.

I have feelings
I always strive to understand my feelings.
Part of my journey
Part of my learning
Part of my living …….

Writing this is part of that understanding

Stay beautiful YOU.

Stay beautiful Greenbelt