Monday, September 21, 2015

U2 next album coming ..................

U2 to release 
Songs of Experience in 2016

Bono says that U2 will release Songs of Experience, 

the companion album to last year's Songs of Innocence, in 2016.

Speaking to the Irish Times, Bono said: 
"We're going to get this album out next year; 
unusually for us, a lot of the songs are done already.”

The singer also revealed that the concept behind the band’s 
current iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour 
began on the opening night of the 360° tour in Barcelona in 2009.

"360 was a communal experience at its best," he said. 
"But to be a proper communal experience you have to have the song lines, 
you have to have the folk songs. 
If the audience are the centrepiece - and that was the idea behind 360 - 
then you have to have tunes to sing. 
The thing is: we had made quite an atmospheric album [No Line on the Horizon], 
quite a complex piece of work so it was slightly at odds with that.”

Asked what the 55-year-old multi-millionaire Bono 
would make of the teenage boy who started U2 back in the late seventies, 
the singer said: 
"This boy, who looks a lot like me, comes up to me and says: 
'Have you forgotten who you are? 
Have you forgotten where you come from? 
You're Irish. 
But here you are all smiling and making out with the powerful.’

"The boy is behind the police line 
and I'm on the other side of the barricade 
to myself aged 19. 
The boy shouts at me: 
'We don't want you in our revolution; 
you are part of the problem, 
not part of the solution.’ 

I know, I know, I know. I argue with the young man: 
'But my idea is to serve a plan,' I tell him. 
I feel like the boy but I know that I'm not. 
I try to do the very best with everything that I've got. 
I've been caught with my pants down 
but at least I'm holding my hands up.”