Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Pip Wilson:: I am a Trainer / Facilitator - DETAILS

I am a Trainer / Facilitator

Read the details::

Get to me for more details
Hire me for your team / youth group / event

I would need to see your objectives. 
I will need to become aware of context and issues around and within the group I will work with.

Please use the CONTACT on my website. 
A few minutes chat may help.

Pip Wilson.

Pip is one of the most energetic and engaging trainers I have ever seen. 

Great day and great people - very well organised. 
Should bring Pip back for another CPD session.

To be honest, everything that Pip had to offer was valuable. 
There was sound holding of the group and the depth to which we had gone was fully acknowledged.

Just watching Pip, his simple effectiveness.

The Blob Tree people exercises for 'school' and 'home' experiences were incredibly moving and powerful - accessing some profound vulnerabilities and the breadth of individual experience (feelings, memories and background).