Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tragic Another Teenager Stabbed to death in London this week

Tragic Tragic 
Another Teenager Stabbed to death in London this week
Newspaper report goes like this::
Doctors from the London AirAmbulance Service gave emergency treatment in the street to a teenager. 
He was pronounced dead at 10.52pm. 
Seven youths were arrested, including two 16-year-old boys 
held on suspicion of murder. 
Detectives said they were investigating gang links as a motive.

Think of the tragic loss of life.
The massive loss to ONE family and friends
the massive impact on many families amongst those who were involved with the crime
the communities around them
fear on the streets
feelings of revenge 
feelings of fear
fear to walk the streets
more knives carried through fear..
more ganglife as protection by numbers
the street corner boasting by those not near to the deceased but love the thrill of it all …...

The excitement in the chase
The thrill in an urban existence hitting a brick wall called reality.

10 Young People stabbed to death in London so far this year.

13 Teens murdered in 2015 so far this year.

11 Young People murdered in 2014

* weeping weeping for the death of an unknown young Beautiful Human*