Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bereavement Cards by The Blob Tree people - powerful when words can't come out so easily

Blob Bereavement Cards

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Nov 2013

This set of 48 cards carefully provides an introduction to the nature and experience of loss through bereavement.  The cards are particularly designed to use with children who may be confronted with bereavement for the first time and have no experience or knowledge of how to understand and cope with their loss and fears.
The images on the cards go through from the moment of being told of their death, a variety of ways a person dies, the feelings of loss and anger, the funeral service and life following this event.
  • The cards can also be used individually, or combined to create other situations.
  • Ideal for use by bereavement counsellors.
  • There are 15 suggested ways to use the cards detailed in the accompanying booklet.
  • The images have been produced in conjunction with Helen MacKinnon of 'Seasaw' Bereavement Group.
Contents:  48 full-colour cards, 125 x 82mm plus instruction booklet, boxed.