Sunday, May 22, 2016

BECOMING QUESTIONS - Question Number 5 - will you answer it?

Can I ask you a question?
Will you have a go?

Becoming Questions Number 5.

Each week I am asking a question
until I get a book full of wondrous answers 
which many have creatively & authentically answered so far.

They are all questions aimed at encouraging you in your Becoming.
As an extra, we all are impacted in our becoming by reading other peoples reflections from the heart.
I ask a question every Sunday
and post the answers every Saturday.
Please email them to me ideally - my email address is
see CONTACT on my 
Otherwise get them to me by any means - that is the most important thing.
A GUIDE to how it works is below.
Thank you with great expectations on me to answer!

‘Will you ask me a question & tell me why you are asking?’

I always answer my own question but this one - a bit difficult !
so I will leave this to you this week!

I will try to answer all your questions and ask if you could aim to get them to me
before NOON 28th May 2016 to give me time to scrape my soul to answer.
(I always say this - your response to any question is always-forever welcome - 
even if it is a year late! - or less! )
I will always aim to post them on the list of responses on my

So over to yo::

Will you ask me a question?


1) I will post my questions on my www.pipwilson and links to Facebook ,Twitter and sometimes Instagram (which I call Pipstagram!)      
QUESTIONS posted - SUNDAYS - ANSWERS posted Saturdays (a week later). 
2) YOUR Answers/reflections won't fit into a Tweet or Facebook because of confidentiality. 
I prefere you to email me your answer.
Your answer can be posted anywhere for me, of course, as it is your personal reflection.(Facebook/Messenger/eMail)
3) I encourage you to answer the questions - I would love you to, BUT, you are the DECIDER whether to answer or not!
Some questions will be easy & and can be answered quickly. Others will mean googling your life/soul/experiences/imagination!!
4) Please can you answer via emailing me. My eMail address is on my website header see CONTACT on my 
I don’t post my email address online as the spammers grab everyone they see automatically 
5) Can you end your response/answer with either::
A) your name
C) Private for Pip ONLY
because I want to PUBLISH everyone's answers to all my questions on my website to stimulate imagination and feed others.. 
6)  Some questions will be fun, light, deeper stretching ,exciting with an objective of stimulating development for all of us & those who will read the questions & answers in future months. 
4) I ask that questions that are answered by you are NOT in a joking / witty / superficial manner BUT in a creative / discovering/ imaginative sincere way. (You may not wish to answer some questions AND THAT IS FINE - but it is always good to ask yourself WHY? - - we learn from every experience!)
5) These questions are open to ANYONE/EVERYONE to answer. You are Unique and your reflections will be.
6) Please consider sharing these ANSWERS/questions on social media to encourage participation. SHARE / RETWEET