Sunday, May 01, 2016

Will you answer a question? Becoming Question 2 - Here is this weeks question.


A Question for you.
I am going to ask YOU another question NOW and one every week for a year.
It would be great if you could pick up the challenge? 
Below the question and below some guidelines and objectives. 

QUESTION 2)  'IF LIFE was a Supermarket - what shelf would you be on?'

* I will always answer with my own answer/reflection first::

I see myself in the bin at the end of the aisle
with other items past their ‘sell-by-date’
alongside damaged packages, dinted food tins, bruised fruit and veg.
Attracting the poorest of shoppers including the homeless.
WHY? (please always say WHY)
I have always felt deeply for those beautiful humans who are lacking in their lives.
Even at 15 years old I befriended the kids who had dirty skin, unwashed clothes and in some cases no real shoes.
I see damaged anything emotionally. I feel I want to be there, offering the sparse offerings I have, as much as I can.
Pip Wilson.

Please send me yours by next Saturday 7th May 2016

1) I will post my questions on my www.pipwilson and links to Facebook ,Twitter and sometimes Instagram (which I call Pipstagram!)
2) YOUR Answers/reflections won't fit into a Tweet or Facebook because of confidentiality. 
I prefere you to email me your answer.
Your answer can be posted anywhere for me, of course, as it is your personal reflection.(Facebook/Messenger/eMail)
3) I encourage you to answer the questions - I would love you to, BUT, you are the DECIDER whether to answer or not!
Some questions will be easy & and can be answered quickly. Others will mean googling your life/soul/experiences/imagination!!
4) Please can you answer via emailing me. My eMail address is on my website header see CONTACT on my 
I don’t post my email address online as the spammers grab everyone they see automatically 
5) Can you end your response/answer with either::
A) your name
C) Private for Pip ONLY
because I want to PUBLISH everyone's answers to all my questions on my website to stimulate imagination and feed others.. 
6)  Some questions will be fun, light, deeper stretching ,exciting with an objective of stimulating development for all of us & those who will read the questions & answers in future months. 
4) I ask that questions that are answered by you are NOT in a joking / witty / superficial manner BUT in a creative / discovering/ imaginative sincere way. (You may not wish to answer some questions AND THAT IS FINE - but it is always good to ask yourself WHY? - - we learn from every experience!)
5) These questions are open to ANYONE/EVERYONE to answer. You are Unique and your reflections will be.