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Question 1 to you #BECOMING QUESTIONS - The Answers

*Becoming Questions*

I asked everyone a question - hoping you will respond.

No pressure
Only love.

So I have splashed my 1st question on social media and here on my www 
AND I am pleased to share the results with you
FIRSTLY my own answer to the question
THEN everyone’s answer who has picked up the challenge to come back to me with their own reflection.

Read these beautiful, creatively-different and UNIQUE disclosures.
Feel free to send me yours - via my CONTACT above ideally, but any way will do.
Your reflective answer will forever be welcome.

Here is my Question and the responses ….. in thankful appreciation::
 What colour & shape are you? 
 Meaning what colour/shape best describes your personality & character? 
 AND WHY you have decided on your colour and shape ?
I picture myself as an egg shape. 
Bright RED for PASSION because I feel passionate about lots of things and life. 
All over this egg are lightening type YELLOW cracks revealing damage,hurt ,vulnerability. I believe that vulnerability is a strength not a weakness. 
Pip Wilson

The colour that best describes my personality and character is white.  This is because I have come to appreciate silence, adore walking alone and crave the times when i can just be - with no pressure to do. But if pushed to decide then maybe it is the very palest possible blue; which feels to me like silence.My shape is the shape that is either a flame or a tear.Reflecting on this, for me the heat or pain of emotions / feelings  are not something to hide from, whatever the outcome.And within that heat or pain of living, having others to be open and honest with really helps.

I see myself as a heart shape that has a few marks, gashes and holes in it. 
Each one symbolizing moments in my life and the bigger and worse they are the more painful an experience. 
However thellre are also stitches and patches over others where those painful moments have been moved on from or healed. 
I see myself as a vibrant blood red signifying life and passion but with a few black cracks where my depression and anxiety issues affect me. 
Thank you Pip for the chance to do this as I feel like this is going to assist me in releasing things and truths about myself.

I am a prism. 
For strength. 
I am light blue. Luke warm and not fully serving a purpose yet. I'm sure other questions will get my juices going. 

I am the Colour is sunshine and my Shape is sea.  The sea covers the world, reaches the depths of the earth. 
The world is a majority of water.  We could not exist without it. The Sea has pressure at depth. Waves generate power. It is powerful.
I want to be sunshine. Light. Warm light. The world cannot exist without the sun and the sunshine.
Kaiser Singh Bhogal.

I am the colour of SUNSHINE because I light up with excitement.
My shape is a curl. Like a spring because I bounce around with energy.
Conniepops age 6

I am an antique gold colour because it is subtle and understated, sophisticated but also with warmth and depth 
(I unexpectedly chose this as my wedding dress colour as I found white too cold and clinical).
I am also a circle because it is a shape of infinite mathematical possibilities, patterns and links. It is complex but logical. A circle is a source of constant amazement.Sarah C

I consider myself as a black triangle. 
Black includes all other colours. 
My interests are multiple like the colours. I could have choosen White either,  because it includes all colours, too. But I'm more interested in the dark side of life. Naturally more introverted than extroverted. I wear a lot of black clothes. I like the Johnny Cash Song and the lyrics of that song very much. I personally have the light of Christ in my heart. I try to send it in single rays to others and, not as a whole glowing Sun-Ball.  The triangle represents the wholeness of spirit, mind and body. I try not to neglect one of these aspects of my personality.  The triangle has holes in its surface where white beams come out.

I am pink, bubbly, grateful for each new day, very happy go lucky. I am round.
I described myself as round because my body shape is round and my personality is rather like a ball, 
bouncy and full of life. Hope that makes sense.NO NAME 

I am a yellow ball
Yellow: I am quite happy and optimistic. Yellow represent this.
Ball and also a round shape is also a happy shape and also going forward. Like me.RIITTA

I'd consider myself a square, all equal matching sides to reflect a slightly obsessive, ordered personality….
the colour would be neon yellow with grey patches, 
the neon being a mask of colour used to try and hide the grey inside Ian Taylor

Definitely rainbow coloured a creation of both sunshine and storms.
Rainbow coloured because I am the creation of both sunshine and storms, round because,  I am whole.

Colour is easiest to answer for me!! I see myself as multicoloured, or a rainbow!! There's so many different experiences and qualities that combine to be me, that I don't think one colour would be possible!!! 
Shape is harder!! Maybe a spiral? Because although I sometimes go round in circles, I seem to always be learning and getting to know myself and others in more depth, and reaching new goals and achievements. 

Colour- people see what they want to see, I like to aim for white but quite often it gets stained.
Shape - bowl shape, sometimes empty, sometimes over full.
Jon C

I see myself as iridescent - the colour changing on what angle you look from and what the light is doing - multicoloured blue/purple/green/gold - adaptable with a variety of characteristics - loving, warm, calm, and a little mysterious
and shape - pebble shaped not yet worn smooth, that will take many more years, with some cracks which run deep and maybe hiding a crystal inside,

I think I'm a blue girl - I have many shades to my personality, and often not what people initially perceive, just like blue is often not seen as a 'girl colour'. The softer shades reflect my sensitivity and compassion, whilst the deep shade shows my depth of feeling and emotion. 
What shape; well that's a hard one. Maybe a cone. The initial circle you see looks like I have it all worked out, but as you get closer you can see that it's not the case, and there is a depth to my shape - made up of all my life's experiences. 
Hugs Michelle 

Green, somewhere between jaded and showing signs of fresh life.
Shape..... Between square and round. 
I've had some rough edges knocked off NO NAME

Colour - purple. But not like a bruise, like a lively, bright hopefully fun 
(yet maybe slightly complex, simple by not primary) purple.....
Shape - circle, aim to Be as well rounded as I can, try to look at all sides, but most of all, ability to roll, bounce, play.DEREK

What colour am I and what shape. 
That's a tricky one. Though, shape wise I am definetely a lop sided and asymmetrical entity. 
I think a sort of a small pebble-y irregular-surfaced  shape. I think I associate myself with a lopsided, irregular little pebble because I am still so tough both physically and mentally, I am a bit stuck and up tight and rigid - but working so hard on it! I could easily have described myself as a tree, because I value growth and understanding immensely. But the truth is, I am a small plum and grey coloured tough asymmetrical shaped pebble. And I have work to do if I'm going to manage to find me some legs again. A half moon irregular shape. Bit strange, but yeah. And colour. Hm.. I think a rich and warm reddish purple/plum colour that's fading into a crumbly grey at the edges. Because I work hard to take my passions back, and to live. But I still have quite a bit of hill left to climb. Yes. I think that's as close as I'll get. Mone Celin

I am orange and round. Orange is for bright coloured days and autumn. 
I am warm, compassionate, empathic, loving, honest, truthful, Loyal. 
Pimples on orange skin shows painful darts that hit me during my life. My orange looks round and smooth and sunny but when you touch it you feel the holes that are my painful spots, like being damaged that never goes away. All the damage fits together and makes up this whole orange that looks bright and autumnal. Despite the painful dents, my life is bright and alive all held together in one whole orange. Life is beautiful. 

So, hmmmm shape and colour. 
Well now, at the moment my shape is a cloud, not fixed, waxing and waning. 
It does not have a solid form, but it is not incomplete either. Personal shifts in my journey  and uncomfortable new pieces to my life story means that I sit with feeling at odds with myself. Yet I am the colour turquoise, I am peaceful - this is an existential learning moment that I am embracing, rather than trying to race through. 

I've really struggled over the colour as I'd say normally pick something fairly vibrant like a blue with spots of bright orange/pink - almost polka dots. However at the moment it feels like a grey world missing colour as we lost our little dog last week and he was such a character we're both missing him.
Shape is easier - I've always considered myself pear shaped.

I am green, not with envy! With calmness. Its my calming colour and makes me feel grounded and at peace. Its my 'everything is ok' colour in stressful situations and eases my anxiety. I feel like people see this too and like to come to me for advise.
I like to think im the shape of a tree. Tall but grounded by my roots. I love trees! I can see the big picture from this height, and my branches are my hands holding family and friends up strong, while protecting them from the storm. My moods can swing and my leaves may turn brown and fall, but when i learn more and become stronger as i continue to learn and love more in life, i blossom bright green leaves and show that i will never give up.

My colour changes depending on the situation / day etc so I guess my overall colour is white, and my shape is like a prism, dissecting the colours that make up the white and revealing the colour of the day! 
I guess I should be a Pink Floyd album cover!
Phil McGrath 

I think I am pink. I am a big sensitive softie. I feel things deeply for myself and also for others. 
I am a circle, that can change like a blob. It can fold into itself or wrap around others.
Sarah Lou

Dome shaped. Like a shellfish, but somewhat less crusty. Safe haven in a storm 
Seeing as it's you - I'm blue - a bit insular, which I combat, makes me a pale blue...
Guy Hamilton 

I think I'm the shape of one of those heart-shaped cushions with the arms - made to give hugs, and really soft, what you see is what you get with me! Colour wise probably purple - a holy colour.xx

Dark Blue - probably ultramarine blue. It's complicated - it is, at first glance a bit drab, maybe dark and moody, but is surprisingly used a lot in decoration, painting and brightening the place up. It's a blue that has a hidden red pigmentation in it - for passion that can't always be seen by the naked eye, but is there nonetheless. It never quite gives you what you think you're going to get when you mix it with other colours, so you have to think carefully about how you mix it - or if you're so inclined, dive right in and see what you get. But be prepared to be surprised. All of which, I guess could be applied to me (but take note - this regards my personality, not my appearance. That's a different thing altogether).
SHAPE I am a Parallelogram. They're funny. Everyone finds a parallelogram amusing because it looks like a squished square. Out of the ordinary, not often the first thing you'd think of, but remembered with fondness. But was I once a square that has been squashed out of shape by pressure? While I think I might have been, that doesn't detract from the humourous aspect. It makes me what I am, I am what I am, and do not wish I was a square again. I also lean - look forward to the future, when I may be an entirely different shape altogether by then, with all the excitement, anticipation and unknown that that brings.
Michael L Radcliffe 

What colour am I...what colour describes my personality/ character?  What Shape am I?
Orange is definitely my colour! Full of life, spunk, loyal, strong, vibrant yet sensitive. Add a little splash of humour to life to help encourage people. A bit fiesty if provoked!
My shape has been more difficult to come up with...I want to say irregular polygon as I don't  follow the rules- well actually I do ...I hate conflict so am the peacmaker but I like working outside the box and being different. I am creative and have pushed it aside for so long. Now am allowing that creativity to shine. The irregular polygon is creative to me yet follows the rules! Karyne 

Today, I am the colours of spring. I am the fresh greening of the grass, the animated yellow daffodils, the soft beige pussywillows that are smiling today under the warming sun's rays.  I am the bright red feathers on the Piliated Woodpecker that woke me up this morning with his determination to seek out his breakfast.  I am the golden syrup transformed from the sap of the sugar maple.  Today, I am the colours of spring........under a blue sky, beside blue waters waiting for the canopy of leaves to burst out of the buds at the tips of each branch.
Why?  Like spring, I am transitioning, transforming, growing, stretching and learning.  Five words!  As I embrace these beginnings, my shape is evolving from a hibernative huddle to a fully formed human with her arms up in the air reaching for the sky…….. I am the colours of spring.........shaped like freedom.

I am a rainbow - I can't have the same mood All the time, I try to be yellow bright and lively , 
S shape - ups and downs of life

My colour is mostly yellow, but with dark blue inside which sometimes comes to the fore, I mostly stay positive but sometimes the dark takes over, however it's never black because in the darkest times there is always some light to be found. My shape is a droplet, representing giving but also feelings of both great happiness but also of sadness and grief. 

Red - flower (Poppy) - passionate, fragile but out there.

I am orange now but I used to be black or grey. Is it age I wonder that allows freedom? To be more 'out there' or is the fact that I have been working on a project with someone whose significant colour memory is the orange of Matisse? The original black and grey is definitely (I realise now) an effort to fade, to be as unobtrusive as possible, to conform to a stereotype of my career...
I pondered over the shape question ... but I realise my face is round, it always has been and I have always tried to change it aesthetically ... how stupid! Therefore I would say 'round'  as the answer to the question.

So my colour and shape - in answer to your question - which is obviously relative to this particular moment in time - my sister has a new puppy which has a battered grey toy - a sort of knot with lots of ends - looks a mess but is interwoven with a sort of luminous green thread - well that's good for me at the moment still feeling a bit ragged and chewed but with light and hope and even fun and humour woven through the whole crazy thing!!! 

My colour would have been grey (tired and weary in body, mind and soul - burnt out from serving “the system” – I don’t believe in).  My shape would be that of a misshapen stone, not round or square, but full of rough edges not easy to move or use, so left out when the stone wall was being built, ready to be taken to the dump if I wasn’t so awkward to move.  In need of a few good friendly stones around me to knock off my rough edges and give me a purpose again.  

I see myself in the shape of a rubics cube, being twisted and turned and sometimes I have two sides that match all the colours and sometimes I don't have any matching. I turn and change as the needs takes me. as a colour for my character I am probably a rust colour as I need to be cleaned up and scraped away. I have bits that are no good and are rusting away spoiling how I appear and need to be removed or replaced.

Thank you EVERYONE for contributing - such wondrous unique reflections::
All to be helpful for YOU in your BECOMING
and helpful and inspiring to everyone who reads this.

I would love to publish a book from these  - 
I plan to ask a question every week and publish a book, eventually, of 52 Questions & Answers 
with space at the bottom for every reader of the book to add their own.
It would be great if you approve so I can use your wondrous words?

I will dedicate this book to Conniepops aged six who, every-time she comes on Facetime to talk/see us, she says 
"ask me a question Grandad”
AND she is so wonderful in her answers - she is my inspiration.

I would love you to answer it inside one week

Pip Wilson BHP

Thank you EVERYONE for contributing - such wondrous unique reflections::
All to be helpful for YOU in your BECOMING
and helpful and inspiring to everyone who reads this.

I would love to publish a book from these  - 
I plan to ask a question every week and publish a book, eventually, of 52 Questions & Answers 
with space at the bottom for every reader of the book to add their own.
It would be great if you approve so I can use your wondrous words?

I will dedicate this book to Conniepops aged six who, every-time she comes on Facetime to talk/see us, she says 
"ask me a question Grandad”
AND she is so wonderful in her answers - she is my inspiration.

Next Question tomorrow
I would love you to answer it inside one week

Pip Wilson BHP