Tuesday, April 05, 2016

One of my 5-a-day for emotional health* is to :: Seek out my feelings.

I write on the train
I churn
Getting my inner out.

For most of my passing years
these were on paper.
I still have these reflections.
Occasionally I spill bits here.

Since 2003 I have been reflecting here.
www.pip ……………….

I often don’t know what to write.
I want to write everyday
churn everyday
reflect every day.

If I have no bursting of the soul
one day, in reflective terms,
I start with the word FEELINGS.

Approach me with a sense wonder/ 
Yes it is me/ 
A different me today.

You and I are constantly changing.
(We never step into the same river twice)
I have loved that quote for years.

Our experiences
and the impact on us
especially our INNER beautiful human -
Our inner being
drives our outer becoming.

We are not a body with a soul.
We are a SOUL with a body.

We change always
whatever we do/be/become.
We can decide on the person we want to become.

We can be renewed each day
by checking in - 
checking in on ourselves.

‘How are you feeling’
I ask Mrs Beautiful.
She always pauses.
Always digs the soul.
Out comes a feeling 
and why the feeling is there ……..

Often it is a person.
A positive feeling often.
Sometime a the forehead frowns 
with concern for another.

My reflective practice
is a healthy activity.
Just as working at 
Eating healthy
Exercising well - 
the inner soul needs STRETCH.

We all need to work at being in-touch
with ourselves.

Often the first skill 
in emotional intelligence
is an ability to get in touch
with our feelings.

We all have them 
we all are poked by them daily.
AND if they are treated
like a ghost in a cupboard
to be pushed back inside
and ignored
and a hope they will go away - 
they will continue to haunt us.

One of my 5-a-day for emotional health*
is to ::
Seek out my feelings.
Welcome them.
Undress them.
Read them.
Dig into their signals
and gain knowledge from them.

At the moment I am trying to understand
why I am waking around 5am in recent days
and churning around sleeplessly
- a mind full of unnecessary thoughts.

Join me in searching out the beautiful human
which is you.
Join me in becoming
all that we can become - 
one step at a time ……..

You are beautiful.

* This book half written - 
I must complete & publish.