Monday, April 18, 2016

Screaming in your face ...............

Imagine this scene:: 
someone is screaming at you, 
one inch from your face.

You want to scream back. 
Or even hit them.

But what if 
I told you their mother passed away yesterday? 
and that they were due in court tomorrow, 
likely to go to prison?

There is a human in pain before you.
You have many feelings 
from the in-you-face-abuse
if you are able to manage your OWN emotions
you are more able to help the young human
to manage his.

It’s about
self management
emotional intelligence.
It’s about empathy.
But more than that.

The empathy need to override our own feelings
(not ignore them
not CONTROL them)

wish you well
with your feelings.
I have learned to make mine my friend
I study them
strive to draw them out
not suppress them
not bury them
(because they are never buried DEAD
they are buried ALIVE)

I write /reflect about any I don't
find difficult.
I keep a little private note book
I thank God for them ALL

Stay Beautiful
in your
BECOMING ................