Sunday, April 17, 2016

GOUT AND ME - another visit !

I have just been hit again by gout.
Not really took the hit since 2014
but before that I had it bad for a few years.
Couldn't walk with it.
Had to crawl to the toilet.
Sleeping difficult.

It came at me on Friday.
Creeping up two days before.
It starts with a aching foot - this time the Left.

Friday I was limping when walking.
Friday night I could not sleep with the ache/pain.

I have had to turn to my old meds
Pain Killers from my Doctor.

Saturday a beautiful invasion from friends
and I limped along with them in the
Sun and Rain.
But I made it - not comfortable!

But with a few PK's inside me
I slept last night soundly.
I am still limping but not as sore.

Gout is when I produce too much adrenalin 
my kidneys can't manage the uric acid produced
so it turns into crystals in my extremities
= my foot !

It stops my normal life.
It connects me with pain
which some people live with constantly
PAIN is good.
It is signalling messages to the brain - 'sort it out man'

I feel it is on it's way out now.