Friday, July 08, 2016

121 - colliding in Level Five Communication = Becoming ......

I would love to sit down with you and share a pot of peppermint tea.
In my favourite London home - Timberyard Coffee House.

If we were sat together right now - what would you like to drink?
Me - peppermint and you ................... ?
I will order while we carry on chatting.

I love this.
Just two of us and sips in between.
I have lots of questions to ask you.
Questions are welcome to me too.

Tell me about a human who is on your mind right now?
Describe that person, no name needed - just character and personality?

I love how you are looking at me
with unseeing eyes
as you peer into the face of this, anonymous to me, human

Tell me one thing which is top of your emotional agenda -
the issue that downloads reflections 
just before you drop off to sleep at night?
(Perhaps you will respond to these questions right now -
maybe pause and think, ...... open up to the questions.)
I love being with you and I just so want to be in this place.
Sips Tea
Tell me about a significant human in the whole of your life?
The most significant - the number one - and why?

I love this opportunity - we don't meet up like this enough.

How is your kissing?
Tell me about the love in your life?
What is good - not so good?

Your face changes when you share with me.
I notice your skin tighten around your cheek bones.
It enhances your features.
It is the inner you showing in the outer you.
You are beautiful ..........

Tell me something you have not told anyone else.
Something that triggers your vulnerability.
I receive all words with total confidentiality.
Telling me, only if you are willing, is so powerful for me.
It is intimacy extreme
It is learning extreme
It is undressing the soul - floundering - yearning - unresolved-ing.
It is 'Level Five'.

I can share my thoughts with you.
But I would much rather share my feelings.
I could share my opinions with you
But I would much rather stammer 
into the new-real-full-on-unspoken-un-trodden .....

I need another cuppa.
Do you want one?

Tell me who you love?
Tell me who you fail to love?

I would not ask you these questions if I feel the doors are closing.
I would not ask you these questions if I felt your back turning.
I would not ask you these questions if you had arms folded.
I would not ask you these questions if I felt you were in too much pain.
I would not ask you these questions if I felt that you were not welcoming the opportunity.
I would not ask you these questions if I felt you were not fearful and risk taking.
I would not ask you these questions if I felt you wanted an early escape to the toilet .........
I would ask you if you had open palms as you stubbled for the best words ..

We will end the time together talking about the next meet up.
When can it be with your diary and mine - ducking and diving.
We will end by with a summary of our feelings now.
The beauty of now.
The privilege of now.

Let use make this happen.
There is no greater wish within me
than to tea with you.
Just going with the flow.
Enjoying each other.