Sunday, July 03, 2016


Becoming Questions - Number 11

I have been asking one question each week and
I am encouraged and stimulated by the great contributions
in terms of ANSWERS, or better described as, REFLECTIONS.

Here is a new question to stretch us all in our Becoming ….
It is open to you and all your friends - why not share with your friends?
Ask them to have a go?
(There are no right or wrong answers to my questions.
They are all about you the unique human and your experiences -
the life lived you and the interior you too!
Becoming Question Number 11 is::
It is a challenge to do something.
Not just an email with words which you dig out of your soul.
I have this Communication model called::
Level Five Communication.
It is one of the best releasing/developmental/life-skills tool for all sorts of people to understand and use in everyday life.If we develop an ability to communicate at all 5 Levels - it is a liberating experience for us and others around us.

I want to focus on Level ONE
which is cliche communication - which we all do.
Most people I know are asked the question
“How are you”?
and the cliche answer is 
“FINE - how are you”?

You may say as a cliche - “I am good”
or some other cliche.

I think that breaking out of this first level of communication
is good for the development of the person = YOU !
When am am asked this 'how are you’ cliche/question
I normally say “Imperfect - how are you”?
(I am aware that this can become a cliche too - so I am trying to develop alternatives !!)

BECOMING Question 11  is::
Will you decide on using a new word when people ask ‘how are you’?
instead of saying ‘Fine’ or ‘Good’
Can you decide and use your new word? 

Will you THEN write in an email telling me the story of what happened?
What word you decided to use and why?
THEN how it has worked out in practice?
Please will you give it a go?

(In due course I am planning to ask you a question relating to all the L5 steps)
I know you are up for a challenge - that you want to be stretched - into BECOMING.

Please email* me ideally as it is better for me - or any method of communication rather than you not participate!

End of Question

*You can find it on my CONTACT



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