Thursday, July 28, 2016

The BEAUTIFUL story.

Giving up all hope
of ever having had
a better past

At aged 21 I started on the road of 
believing that God loved me.
I was puzzled by this.
How could anyone love 
a fat thick slob like me?

Around that time I met a
Brigadier from the armed forces.
He didn’t 'speak down' to me!
He spoke to this young lad
as an equal ………
I could’t believe it.
It was a shock.

Forgiveness is
giving up hope that
I could be educated
& could be more than
plain ordinary slob.

20 years forward
I still believed
but had trouble 
feeling it.

I had stepped out of my
comfort zone
sacrificed security
for freedom.

Stepped out of my culture
established network
into leading a
young offenders unit.

AND on deep into
other projects with
intensely needy teenagers
living in intensely needy

I was working with who the media called::

I knew I had to counter that.
I wanted to get up close with them.
‘Relationally’ it is called.

I realised that I need to love them
despite their behaviour.
To love the human first
even though behaviour
was for-ever in my face.

The first task of a leader
is to define the reality.

I decided I must concentrate on their beautiful
hiding behind their violet/aggressive behaviour.

I could see their beautiful
behind their cold hard eyes.

My belief in them changed.
that was not enough.
I had to live this belief.
I had to speak this belief.

I decided to love - whatever.
Feel their pain - whatever.
Practice, live love - whatever.
Speak this love - whatever.

I worked this through
in my daily late night
written reflections.
The last sentence always being -
“I will …………”

I started to say::
“You are beautiful” 
Whatever their behaviour.
“You are beautiful” whatever the response.

We can see a persons behaviour
but we can’t see their journey.

They would only tell me their journey
if they felt I accepted them - whatever.

I could only be in a helping relationship
if they trusted me - whatever.
Could confide in me - whatever.

'You are beautiful' became a philosophy.
and I call it::
Loveology -  Pipology.
That is how it started.

I hit a problem.
Back at 21
I believed God loved me.
But I didn’t believe that -
I loved me.

I did not believe what I believed for others
That I too needed love Divine.
Accepting myself with all my 

So I started to believe that
‘You are beautiful’ was me too.
Even now-  it is not comfortable
to click/speak/acknowledge those three words.

But I must to be able to do that
to truly be able to see
the beautiful in YOU
and in humans not as attractive as

So now I have a love
a LOVE that will not 
let me go …………
Even though I regret
most of my life I have not loved
as I understand, believe, practice (inadequately) NOW.

At the end of my first book::
'Gutter Feelings’
I quoted a Bible verse::
‘Seek the Shalom of the city
where I have sent you ...
because in it’s Shalom
you will find your own SHALOM’

That Shalom is about wholeness
in every way - my guiding star
on this journey into life & eternity …..

Pip Wilson
July 2016