Monday, July 18, 2016

BECOMING QUESTIONS Number 13 for YOU to pick up the challenge in your BECOMING.

Hey Hey - thank you for having me on your screen - I really appreciate it.
In your busy life you have other things to do or time for head space/soul space too ………

My fingers hover over the keyboard right now because …..
I have still not decided which question!

I don’t want the question to make you step back on your heels.
I don’t want to ask you to dig too deep
taking too long - so you give up
I want you to passionately want to dig -
dig into your soul for an answer …..

My questions are not the sort where we are RIGHT or WRONG.
It is not an IQ test but a stretching exercise - a BECOMING self reflection.
pause ………..

I have decided::
Becoming Question Number 13 

1 do you feel You are beautiful?   yes/no ?
2 do you believe you are beautiful ?  yes/no 
WHY? Please can you reflect and share your thoughts and feelings on each answer?


I am sorry that last weeks Number 12 BQ ANSWERS were published 1 day early
and this question 1 day late.
I was away on a L5 week-end in Brighton.

If you follow me on my  or social media
you will know about the ‘Level Five’ communication model = L5
(search my www if you want to find out more details)
I belong to a group of BHP’s - a L5 Group and we have been meeting up for 36years.
Hence the Brighton w/end.
Powerful and beautifully BECOMING.

ALSO I have decided to continue my Becoming questions for ONLY three more weeks.
Ending with Number 16 - then publishing a book of all Questions and Reflective answers -
leaving a blank page at the end of each chapter so the reader can write their own reflections.

THEN There maybe a Book 2 ! - NEW Questions starting in September?
We don’t ever want to stop BECOMING do we?

Thank you for your contributions::
You inspire me
You help me in my BECOMING ……..