Sunday, July 10, 2016

Becoming Question Number 12 - to you and the WORLD

Becoming Question 
Number 12

Hello again if you have clicked this way before.
If you are new to my Becoming series of questions -
I am posting a question every week
to help add to your becoming, my becoming, everyones BECOMING - 
as the ripples spread beyond to others who read
and, with a hope, that you will join in - hold hands on this journey of BECOMING.

Last week I asked a question ( BQ Number 11 )
and it could have been worded better by me.
It was a break from the usual 'reflect & type' question.
It was asking you to DO something.
I failed by not being clear - but I will return to the doing questions in the weeks to come.

Becoming Question 12 is here::*

Question number 8 was affirming you that your life deserves a book.
Your inner journey and your physical journey, both unique, would make great reading.
Relating my question to that book of yours (forthcoming?) I ask
*Could you give me the title of one of the chapters in the book of your life story?
AND WHY you have chosen this chapter and this title?*

Of course you could choose the most positive chapter, or the most thrilling, romantic, scary, car-crash, ……
I will leave the choice to you with the always added request for you to say WHY?

I will compile all the answers/reflections next Saturday - and a new Question next Sunday.

Becoming Question ZZZ
I have another question for you with no deadline - you can mail me anytime in the future with this one::

It is a doing Question.
Sometime in the future you will be talking with someone and they will fold their arms.
In body language terms this can mean the person is feeling 
uncomfortable or a negative thought has been triggered.
(There is no such thing as a perfect reading of Body language, NVC, it seems to me.
But in my experience it often can be a flash of insecurity or defence which triggers the arms to be folded)

My question is:: If sometime in the future you observe this happening will you
deliberately share a vulnerability of your own.
Maybe a mistake you have made in the past?
Maybe a blow you have felt to your confidence - recently or in the past?

If you can do this, or try, anytime in the next year - can you write me telling me the experience?
What happened to the conversation? 
How it impacted the relationship? the dynamic? the group if it was in a group context?

I will put  date in my diary in a years time and publish any responses on my website AND
it would be great going in a Becoming Questions Book - it is forthcoming with you in it I hope!

As always I will publish your answers/reflections with you first name or NO NAME.

Thank you so much for joining in