Tuesday, August 09, 2016

16 Questions I ask you - ONLY YOU have the right answer?


1  A COLOUR AND SHAPE that describes your character?
2  If life was a SUPERMARKET, what shelf would you be on?
3  We all have abilities and disabilities - will you name 1 ABILITY & 1 DISABILITY
4  When was the LAST TIME CRIED & why?
5  Will you ASK ME A QUESTION?
6  If you had to have a TATTOO ON the palm of your right hand, what would it be:: word/symbol/quote?
7  Describe 2 SHOTS OF HAPPY 1 X SAD in your life?
8  Your, deserved, book of your life - what would be the book title & WHY?
9  Your experience of hearing about the news of the Jo Cox murder?
10 You had to flee with your family on a rubber boat to another land, what one thing would you take with you?
11 ‘How are you?’ - “FINE” Will you try using, in real life, an alternative cliche word when you are asked ‘How are you'?
12 Your autobiography forthcoming, will you tell me the title of one of the Chapters in your book?
13 Do youFeel you are beautiful - do you Believe you are Beautiful?
14 What is your Most used mask?
15 When did you become an adult? How & why?
16 Will you reflect upon your experiences/feelings as you have composed your answer, read others or not participated in a question? 

You can still answer one or more in the next few weeks if you wish.
I am asking for an answer/response/reflection with always WHY?
The answers will then be compiled into a book - 
each chapter being a question with answers.

Please email me - see CONTACT at the top of this webpage.